Our Historical Recovery analyses procure to pay data to recover duplicate payments, missed input VAT and utility billing errors. Our proposition is straight forward; we work on a contingency fee basis, therefore if we do not recover any errors, there is no fee associated with our service.

Payment Analysis

Any procurement transaction offers opportunities for payment errors, irrespective of the sophistication of the Accounts Payable (AP) software system. These errors elude even the best control systems and can create meaningful ‘lost’ profits.
  • A payment analysis (from discovery to recovery) by using our state of the art proprietary analysis & recovery solution
  • With sophisticated data mining and analysis, we can cost-effectively review 100% of your transactions and identify potential errors.
  • We gather all supporting documents and correspondence to identify and confirm errors with your suppliers.

VAT Analysis

Our VAT Analysis and Recovery service will highlight and recover historical input VAT transactions previously not claimed from SARS.
  • We identify and verify at transaction level, previously unclaimed VAT.
  • Proprietary methodology with a unique blend of data analysis and skilled resources.

Utility Analysis

Our utility analysis consists of a complete review of all utility services that are billed monthly and includes the validation that the services billed are installed, being used and invoiced by the provider at the correct rates.
  • Refunds for overcharges that may have occurred due to utility provider errors.
  • Recommendations to reduce costs based on restructuring of utility spend.
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