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How Sasol achieved 2.5x ROI through delivering a new payment process to their suppliers

Sasol’s early payment process was all manual and they could not scale the early payment programme to all suppliers. Sasol utilized Taulia to inject cash into their supplier’s businesses and to create an integrated single platform for managing all early payments across multiple SAP instances. Sasol estimates that they have seen a 2.5x ROI from this initiative.

We saw at least a 2.5x ROI over and above making investment decisions on our cash, borrowing in the market, including spending money on the program itself.

Francois Coetzee
Project, Bank and Cash Manager

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How Karet Trading unlocked cash to capture market opportunity

When Karet Trading’s business doubled in size, they needed access to cash to fund this growth, which they couldn’t access through conventional methods. Together with Karet’s customer, Taulia enabled Karet Trading to unlock cash that was tied up in outstanding invoices, which they utilized to bulk-order from suppliers; improving their relationships and giving Karet the needed resources to fill the gap that opened in the market.

Suddenly, we had the ability to take our cash flow upfront, and redistribute it where it was needed most.

Rocky Schmidt
Managing Director

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Early payment gives Warren Fisher Designs the confidence to accelerate business growth

When Warren Fisher Designs is paid late, it creates serious cash flow issues for the business. Knowing they can get paid within a week of delivery gives them the confidence to run their business and plan for the future.

We made a delivery last Wednesday. By today, the money has been paid.

Warren Fisher

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How Park Lifting and Mining used Taulia to achieve a 19.3% cost reduction over the last 3 years

Lengthy payment terms have a negative impact on Park Lifting and Mining’s cash flow. Using early payments, they were able to quickly unlock capital and put the money back into their business.

The working capital is available much easier. You can request capital whenever you require it.

Johan Naude
Support Services Manager